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Coming Home

Know that feeling you get when coming home? 

  • You can be yourself, be accepted, no matter what, and get energized.
  • People are happy to see you and want to see you grow into your full potential.
  • You get support in your challenges and motivated to do your best.
  • You have people around you that believe in you, and that you believe in.

This is the feeling we want to achieve!

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Our Mission

We are a consultancy firm, but we offer more value than the hours we work in different projects. In addition to our technical consultants we have expertise in management consulting, tool and product development, and  information visualization.

Our mission is to develop.

  • Develop the business of our clients
  • Do development work for our clients and build cool stuff with exciting technologies
  • Develop ourselves, as professionals and as individuals.

A day in your life with us

Everyone's’ daily routine is different, and as long as it does not interfere with your work or that of the team, work hours are flexible and most of the time you can work from home if you need to.

Daily stand-up
Your days with us usually begin with a stand-up meeting, at the site of a client, or our office, if you are working in an inhouse-project.
Development work
We are developers, this means analyzing, designing, coding, testing or reviewing solutions. If you get stuck, you get help from your team or other developers at FindOut. By helping colleagues with specific problems or questions, or by organizing a meetup internally, we help each other grow and this is something we value.
Many of us work at client sites most of the time. Therefore, it is important that we take time and meet regularly. This can mean working on your assignment from our office, or participating in one of the regularly held social evening events.

Family Values

Our clients are important since they are the ones that pay our bills at the end of the day. But there needs to be a balance between the interests of our clients, our company and you. You should be able to enjoy a good work-life balance and at the same time expect challenging tasks.


Good relationships build on trust, and openness is crucial to gain trust. If you ask a straight and honest work-related question to anyone in any position, you should be able to expect a good answer. You should also always be allowed to give praise and constructive criticism. Both of the above go both ways.


Everyone is shown the same amount of respect, no matter what. You are always welcome to present new ideas, and expect that the idea will be considered.


We try to not have rules and processes for everything. This gives you a lot of freedom. However, sometimes things do not work out as expected, and it is important that you can be flexible to move forward.

Current Opportunities

Connect with us to stay up to date on new openings.

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Our Clients

Some interesting companies we have worked with

Maquet is part of Getinge, one of the world’s largest medical equipment companies.

Maquet is a good example where FindOut was able to offer management consulting, methodologies, and tools in addition to consultancy hours to achieve great value in the form of more efficient ways of working.
Bombardier RCS has benefited from our expertise in developing support tools, and has managed to achieve significant efficiency enhancements regarding its tendering work, the value of which has covered the investment costs many times over.
In addition to improved project communication, both internally and with its customers, Thales estimates that it is saving approximately SEK 2 million each year as a result of efficiency enhancements in a development department with approximately 100 employees. Now they just have to find those submarines!


Some of the benefits when working with us:

  • Competitive Equipment

    Of course, you can choose your own new computer, phone and loads of apps. You probably also need a cool bag.

  • Tech Fund

    If you need cool gadgets, you can make use of your tech fund which you decide how best to use. New headphones to block out the joker? ;-)

  • Development Hours

    Do you want to find out more about the latest frameworks, go to a conference, or take a course? With us, you get 40 hours a year that you can use to fill your brain with knowledge and keep up with the latest stuff.

  • Free Healthcare Plan

    Feeling a bit sneezy? No problem, with our free health care we make sure you feel better quickly.

    Bless you!

Our Current Events

Current Events

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