Master Thesis: Innovation Management

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The capacity to innovate has always been important in all kinds of businesses, but in today’s quick-moving world it is more important than ever; a business that lacks the capacity to innovate is very likely to become irrelevant. Although there exists a plethora of research and best-practices related to creativity, much less work has been devoted to innovation management, that is, how to establish what is known (both within the business itself, and in the world as a whole), what is unknown, and how to manage the work and activities that converts the unknown into the known. It is not uncommon that detailed knowledge about technical limitations and possibilities resides with a few key individuals within the organization. Also, innovation is often the responsibility of a single department, which can create an expectation that all innovation work “should happen there”. In other words, there is a risk that ideas and suggestions for improvement that arise in the rest of the organization never reaches the relevant stakeholders.

FindOut Technolgies has helped customers manage complexity for more than 15 years. We have built up a strong foundation in project management and business management in general, and we are now working on establishing ourselves within the field of innovation management. One of our most interesting current projects is a collaboration with Mycronic, where we explore new approaches to innovation management. The project has resulted in a unique methodology for collecting, documenting, and managing information about knowledge, which we are now continuing to improve. A key part of the methodology is a custom-built information visualization tool called GapMap where “knowledge objects” can be stored, explored, and analyzed.

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This Master’s Thesis project will contribute to the project in several ways: it will help us explore new and innovative features in GapMap; it will assist in fine-tuning our existing ways of collecting, documenting, and managing information related to innovation; and it will explore new ways of making the information available (possibly via mobile apps and/or information kiosks).

 We are looking for a creative programmer with experience of both front-end and back-end web application development. You like sketching user interfaces and UX flows. You also have a strong interest in way-of-working, leadership, team management, and communication. Experience of (and an interest in) mobile computing is a plus!

 You will carry out the work at the FindOut office in Stockholm (Kista) and/or Linköping.

For more information about the project, please contact Gustav Taxén (Ph.D., Senior Consultant).


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